Alpha linolenic acid does not affect serum prostate-specific antigen

We tested the hypothesis that alpha linolenic acid (ALA) increases the serum concentration of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a biomarker of prostate cancer. For this substudy of the Alpha Omega Trial we included 1,622 patients with a PSA concentration <4 ng/mL in which blood was collected at baseline and after 40 months of follow-up. An additonal amount of 2 g ALA per day did increase PSA by 24% (p=0.12).


The observed 24% increase in PSA due to 2 g ALA supplementation per day was not statistically significant. However, PSA is a biomaker of prostate cancer and based on the results of the present study we can not rule out that this increase in PSA could have clinical significance. Therefore, more research is needed to evaluate whether ALA increases the PSA level and the risk of prostate cancer.