A supplementary study in the Alpha Omega Trial tested the hypothesis that omega-3 fatty acid supplementation has anti-inflammatory effects and will reduce the level of C-reactive protein. In this study 2425 patients were enrolled in which C-reactive protein was measured at baseline and after 40 months of follow-up. The results of this study showed that omega-3 fatty acids did not reduce C-reactive protein levels.


Both statins and omega-3 fatty fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects. In the present study the C-reactive protein level was higher in the small group of patients who did not use statins compared to statin users. We found that in statin users omega-3 fatty acid supplementation did not affect C-reactive protein. These results suggest that low-dose omega-3 fatty acids do not have an effect on inflammation. However, we cannot rule out that a low-dose omega-3 fatty acids have a beneficial effect on inflammation in non-statin users.