The intake of omega-3 fatty acids is related to optimism but not to depressive symptoms

A higher intake of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA was associated with optimism in older patients (aged 60-80 years) who have had a heart attack. However, a higher intake of EPA and DHA was not associated with less depressive symptoms. A higher fish consumption – fish being rich in EPA and DHA – was not related to either optimism or depressive symptoms.

Assessing mental state in a cross-sectional study

Patients after heart attack are at a greater risk of poor mental well-being. The high intake of EPA and DHA may be beneficial to mental well-being. Although the Alpha Omega Trial is an intervention study, baseline data of a subgroup of 644 patients was used for cross-sectional analysis. Habitual food intake, dispositional optimism and depressive symptoms were assessed using multiple validated questionnaires.